Sartoria Vanni is growing rapidly and we want passionate, dynamic people to help us continue on this path. This is why we have launched our Brand Ambassador program.

The Brand Ambassador programme is an exciting opportunity to get involved and help us to grow internationally. We are in the lookout for social, young people, with an important network of friends, family and colleagues possibly interested in classic and luxurious menswear. If you have a passion for suits, shirts, fabrics and more in general for the menswear world, then look no further.

At Sartoria Vanni our story dates back to 1818, but is our future that matters to us. 

What is the role of a Brand Ambassador?

Our Brand Ambassadors are supposed to use their creativity to help us promote awareness of the brand and sell Sartoria Vanni products. This may be in the form of social media exposure, local PR, event sponsorship or even dedicated brand events. But most of all, the B.A. has to wear our garments and promote Sartoria Vanni in his personal network of friends, relatives and collegues.


Benefits of being a Brand Ambassador.

Not only will you be part of the growing project of an historical Italian tailor house, but you will also be able to develop and build your own active role in the business. We will provide support with marketing material and product to help you promote and sell the brand to your colleagues, family and friends, and the most active Brand Ambassador in a country will be appointed as the exclusive one, with the further possibility to be in charge of a local corner showroom of Sartoria Vanni.

In return, you will receive:

  • A free Made to Measure oufit (suit & shirt) at your choiche.
  • A gift card of variable amount for every season you will be in charge with our Brand Ambassador program.
  • Generous discounts on all our products.
  • The chance to set up private fittings for your network of friends and collegues and give them special promotions.


Apply to become a Brand Ambassador.  

Applying to be a Sartoria Vanni Brand Ambassador is simple, we want to know why you think you should be part of our team. Send us a couple of short paragraphs about yourself and what you think you can offer Sartoria Vanni. We will aim to come back to all applicants.